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Liposuction with and without Lipovisor™: the differences

Lipovisor™ and the obsolescence of traditional liposuction methods

Let's see the main differences between traditional liposuction and liposuction performed with Lipovisor™ and learn how Lipovisor™ can guarantee a perfect re-shaping of the patient’s body.

differences between traditional liposuction and liposuction with Lipovisor™



In traditional liposuction practice, the plastic surgeon, after taking pictures in the bedroom of the clinic, prepares the patient for the operating room. Here, the surgeon palpates and squeezes the fatty tissue infiltrated with saline solution with his own hands; simultaneously, with the cannula, he begins the aspiration of the fat considered in excess. In this way, he attempts to create a silhouette model relying exclusively on the sensitivity of his hands, and without any kind of metric/scientific support.

Pre-operative visit without Lipovisor™


With the Lipovisor™ method (HDL - High Definition Liposuction), the surgeon, during the pre-operative visit for liposuction, performs an exact 3-dimensional scan with the 3D scanner equipped with Lipovisor™. With the scanning sensor of the fatty tissue, Lipovisor™ captures the thickness in millimetres and centimetres in all marked areas in which aspiration will be performed during surgery.

The surgeon selects the areas to be scanned on the 3-dimensional model of the patient giving each of them a name. Each area is selected via the Lipovisor™ sensor. As the area is scanned, it gets a colour which varies depending on the layer of fat under the skin.

The Lipovisor™ sensor captures the fat thickness on the areas marked by the surgeon in millimetres and centimetres. The innovative Lipovisor™ device is equipped with a system that stores all the data collected on the body from the first outpatient examination to the postsurgical stage.

Always ask your surgeon to print a copy of the entire report of the surgical intervention or get a USB pen with all 3-dimensional images of the report.

pre-operative visit for HD liposuction
pre-operative visit for HD liposuction with Lipovisor™
visit for HD liposuction
Lipovisor for High Definition Liposuction

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