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Liposuction with and without Lipovisor™: the differences

Lipovisor™ and the obsolescence of traditional liposuction methods

Let's see the main differences between HD Liposuction and traditional liposuction and learn how Lipovisor™ can guarantee a perfect re-shaping of the patient’s body.

differences between HD Liposuction and traditional liposuction


  1. When the surgeon meets the patient, he will visually assess and touch the body areas to be re-shaped.

  2. Not disposing of the medical equipment that provide accurate information concerning the thickness of the body fat, the surgeon will state theoretically how much fat could be aspirated from the area of the patient’s body in terms of centimetres of fat. The surgeon can only rely on his expertise without any other scientific support. When treating patients that have completely different characteristics, it is almost impossible to evaluate "by hand" fat thickness.
Outpatient consultation without Lipovisor™

Given that a traditional outpatient consultation is performed with manual methods and not strictly scientific, therefore, approximate, the surgeon will propose the patient information that is often quite different from reality and, in some cases, completely incorrect and unreliable.

The information obtained during the outpatient’s consultation are therefore inaccurate and, based on these, the surgeon will suggest the patient a type of surgical intervention that is unlikely to be performed. The promised results are only "indicative", and this is comprehensible because the surgeon is not using the measuring instruments during the outpatient’s consultation or during surgical intervention.

The body shape, theoretically stated in the mind of the surgeon and marked with markers on the patient's skin, can rarely become reality with a surgery treatment that does make use of the Lipovisor ™ 3D scanner.

Without Lipovisor™, the result will definitely be different from the one envisaged by both the patient and the surgeon, thus leading to mistakes and disfigurations that are commonplace in traditional liposuction treatments performed without the scientific medical support of the Lipovisor™ 3D scanner.

It is also likely that the surgeon removes only a few millimeters of fat resulting in the need of a second surgical operation after just a short time, with additional costs to be covered by the patient (in addition to the inconvenience of having to undergo another surgery with all the complications entailed).

  1. Upon first outpatient consultation, the surgeon can show the thickness of fat on the patient’s body in cm and mm with extreme precision on the monitor of Lipovisor™ and thus agree, with the utmost accuracy, on the centimeters or even millimeters of fat to be aspirated in the operating room.

  2. You can decide in advance the precise contours of the silhouette to re-shape; evaluate how much fat to remove in the affected areas and control the fat thickness millimeter by millimeter.

  3. Lipovisor™ displays the thickness of fat on the patient in the Free Measurement mode. Since, at this stage, the surgeon will only carry out a simple measurement without surgery, Lipovisor™ only provides the measurement of the thickness of the fat, so that the patient may comprehensively realise the amount of fat present in the body parts subject to treatment.

  4. With the innovative Lipovisor™ equipment, the surgeon can determine fat thickness with extreme precision and agree about the re-shaping of the silhouette together with the patient. This innovative technique allows the surgeon to not make assumptions but to give precise verifiable scientific results.
Outpatient consultation in HD Liposuction with Lipovisor™

The innovative Lipovisor™ device is equipped with a system that stores all the data collected on the body, staring from the first outpatient consultation to the postsurgical stage.

Always ask your surgeon to print a copy of the entire report of the surgical intervention or get a USB pen with all 3-dimensional images of the report.

Lipovisor for High Definition Liposuction

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