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Presentations Lipovisor™ in medical congresses and meetings

Lipovisor™ was presented in the frame of important meetings and conferences in the medical field, where it collected significant feedback by famous medical teams.

Rome (Italy)
XXX National Congress of the Italian Society Of Aesthetic Medicine
IV National Congress of Italian Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine
Lipovisor™ joined the event. It was located at stand no. 65 at the Hilton Cavalieri Conference Center

Cannes (France)
22nd Congress of the SOFCEP
Lipovisor™ was an Emerald sponsor.

Montecarlo (Principality of Monaco)
7th ° Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress EuroMediCom
Lipovisor™ joined the event. It was located at stand G4.

Bologna (Italy)
12 ° International Congress SIES
Lipovisor™ participated in the 12th International Congress SIES on news and updates relating to the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery: from anti-aging to cosmetic gynaecology.

Las Vegas, (U.S.A.)
Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine
The official presentation of Lipovisor™ in a world premiere took place at the 16th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine in Las Vegas, U.S.A.

Octo British Grand Prix (Silverstone)
Lipovisor™ World Premiere
Lipovisor™ official presentation to a selected audience of British surgeons
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