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Liposuction with and without Lipovisor™: the differences

Lipovisor™ and the obsolescence of traditional liposuction methods

Let's see the main differences between traditional liposuction and liposuction performed with Lipovisor™ and learn how Lipovisor™ can guarantee a perfect re-shaping of the patient’s body.

differences between traditional liposuction methods and liposuction with Lipovisor™



During the postsurgical consultation, the surgeon will take a series of photos against a black cloth background so as to assess the before and after differences. Observing the photos carefully, one will be able to notice the blemishes involuntarily created consisting of sagging, depressions, hollows and asymmetries in our body. Usually, the surgeons acknowledge their mistakes but will not give opinions on their work.

post-surgical consultation without Lipovisor™


The postoperative consultation for 3D liposuction gives the surgeon the possibility to make a new 3D scan of the patient and to compare it with the scan performed before the surgery. It will thus be possible to notice the major differences of the patient’s condition before and after the surgical intervention.

During the postsurgical consultation, the surgeon will perform a scan of the patient with the 3D scanner supplied with Lipovisor™. The image will be immediately compared with the 3D model of the patient that was captured during the pre-surgical consultation. Lipovisor™ highlights the differences between the two models.

Upon the client’s request, once the before and after comparison procedure has ended, Lipovisor™ will send a PDF file by e-mail containing all the documentation that has been produced starting from the outpatient’s up to the postsurgical consultation. The documentation is complete with the measures of all the areas that have been scanned and aspirated by the surgeon.

With the surgery performed with the innovative Lipovisor™, blemishes due improper measurement obtained via palpation of the surgeon will not occur. If, once surgery is completed, blemishes are noticed, they will be solely attributable to the failure by the surgeon to check the area scan.

The innovative Lipovisor™ device is equipped with a special system which stores all the data collected on the body, starting from the first outpatient consultation up to the postsurgical one.

Always ask your surgeon to print a copy of the entire report of the surgical intervention or get a USB pen with all 3-dimensional images of the report.

post-surgical consultation for 3D Liposuction with Lipovisor™
Lipovisor for High Definition Liposuction

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