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Medical device for detection of adipose tissue
with scanner for three dimensional liposuction


Lipovisor™ is equipped with a 3L 3D-HD sensor and a 3S 3D-HD scanner.

90° sensor 3L 3D-HD
90° sensor 3L 3D-HD three dimensional liposuction
Lipovisor™ Sensor for three dimensional liposuction
3L 3D-HD sensor for three dimensional liposuction
display 90° sensor adipose tissue for three dimensional liposuction

The 90° sensor is used for the following areas of surgery: upper abdomen, lower abdomen, lower back, neck, right arm, left arm, right ankle, left ankle, right outer thigh, left outer thigh, right saddle bag, left saddle bag, right hip, left hip, back of right knee, back of left knee, right calf, left calf, right inner thigh, left inner thigh, inner right knee, inner left knee, breast and other areas identified by the surgeon.

3S 3D-HD Scanner
3S 3D-HD Scanner for three dimensional liposuction

3S performs a 3D-HD scan of the patient's body which is shaped on the basis of a polygon mesh. These polygons reproduce the patient’s body on a 3D-HD monitor in the actual size, with all the details.

Technical specifications

Lipovisor™ is fully motorised; the monitor is opened by placing the hands on the sides of the Lipovisor™’s body.

Technical specifications of Lipovisor™

Capacitive keyboard

A glass capacitive keyboard was designed to enable the surgeon rapid sterilisation, as well as high degree of cleanliness of the device.

capacitive keyboard for three dimensional liposuction
glass capacitive keyboard Lipovisor for three dimensional liposuction

Maximum Safety

The sensor check is carried out in each session in which it is necessary to perform lipo measurement. During each outpatient session, pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery consultation, the sensor check is performed by linking the sensor connector to the Lipovisor™ and by pressing the initialisation button. The purpose of the sensor check is to ascertain that the sensor itself is operating properly, and that the correct sensor is available for use on the specific body part requiring surgery.

sensor check for lipo measurement

The system also determines certain parameters associated with the skin and fat of the patient, which are briefly identified as high-resolution mode, medium-resolution mode and low-resolution mode.


Trolley of Lipovisor device for three dimensional liposuction
45° sensor of Lipovisor device for three dimensional liposuction
USB Transponder / Wireless Key of Lipovisor device for three dimensional liposuction

  • Remodelled expanded foam
  • colour chosen from RAL chart
  • Leather cover according to customer’s choice Lipovisor™
45° Sensor

The 45° sensor is used for the following areas of surgery: upper right breast, upper left breast, neck, inner right arm and inner left arm.

USB Transponder / Wireless Key

Lipovisor™ assistance check

Lipovisor™ is equipped with an integrated complete checking system. With this innovative system we offer our customers an excellent service. In fact, our medical equipment is timed. At the end of the period set by the manufacturer, the Lipovisor™ requires the operator to connect the medical device to an ethernet connection to ensure continued operation. The manufacturer can check the device and inform the customer of any anomalies in the functioning of Lipovisor™.

Lipovisor for High Definition Liposuction

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