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Advantages of HD Liposuction for the surgeon

Advantages of HD computerised liposuction:
fewer mistakes, greater accuracy

It is well known that liposuction, the re-shaping of a patient’s body, is an extremely complex surgical procedure due to the absence of references on how much fat tissue is to be removed from the patient.

re-shaping of a patient’s body with HD liposuction

With Lipovisor™ we give the plastic surgeon an extremely precise tool for checking the thickness of the fat tissue.

This innovative technique for measuring fat tissue prevents the plastic surgeon from creating dips, depressions and unsightly blemishes that are visible only after surgery.

The aim of computerized high-definition liposculpture (HDL - High definition liposuction) is safeguarding the surgeon’s work and giving patients the best that cosmetic surgery technology can offer.

computerized high-definition liposculpture

Indeed, the functions of Lipovisor™ include a series of printing sequences of documents for each process of caption of the areas and for all meetings with the patient.

The purpose of printing documents is to safeguard the surgeon, and for this reason, at the end of every stage, Lipovisor™ processes a PDF form to be attached to the patient’s medical records.

Lipovisor for High Definition Liposuction

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